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Our company provides a wide area of telephony value added services such as automated calling services, call recording, cheap international calls and more.

We have several mobile apps that offer and complement those services so we make the maximum use of the new mobile world and still support the old comfortable telephony world. Our services are used by millions of people from all over the world.

Our apps

Business Solutions

Medical Phone Reminder for the caregiver - automatic medication reminder service.

Call Recorder - IntCall and CallRec Lite/Pro - an easy to use apps for recording phone calls.

Cheap Calls - make cheap international calls to almost all destinations in the world.

Call India - make cheap calls to any phone in India. Earn free credit by completing small tasks.

Call USA - make cheap calls to any phone in USA. Earn free credit by completing small tasks.

Use the contact form to ask us about our custom business solutions.

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