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Supporting Loved Ones During Coronavirus

The government has introduced a series of strict measures to fight the coronavirus outbreak. People are advised to stay at their homes and refrain from visiting their old parents. Being able to get the care they need is hard for many seniors during this crisis. Dementia or even slight forgetfulness is a problem when medications must be taken daily.

This problem can be addressed by using the Medication Call Reminder service as it was especially designed to provide a solution while staying apart. The Medication Call Reminder is one way to provide care when it comes to medication reminders while keeping everyone involved safe.

So how does it work? Simply put, the Medication Call Reminder is a service that children of aging parents or other family members can set up to make automatic phone calls to their loved one. The call plays a personalized message reminding the seniors to take their medication.

The service is available via a web site or a mobile app for iPhone or Android phones. After making the reminders setup, phone calls start automatically to be made by the service and status notification are sent to the caregiver phone if something goes wrong. The caregiver can be at work or anywhere else and still be in control.

The reminders are compatible with any type of phone including fixed landlines so there is no need for the seniors to learn a new technology or purchase special hardware.

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medication call reminder
We know that many elders still prefer old style phone. The reminder calls any phone, including fixed line phones.

The reminder will try 3 times to make the call. There is an option to ask for confirmation ('press 1 to confirm').

You can use the automatic message or record your own message. For example, you can say the medication name and dose. It also gives some personal touch to an otherwise unpleasant task
Now you know which medication is taken and when. You can check the status of the reminders at any time and you will get failure notifications.
A Phone Reminder​
Personalized message
Be in control
No answer notification
call reminder ios
call reminder google play

Only $8.99 / Month

phone reminder
Personalized message
Be in control
call reminder Setup
schedule reminder
The configuration is done via a mobile app installed on your phone. There is no need for the app to be installed on your parent phone.

You can set a few reminders for each day. You can set a start and end date for medications that should only be taken for a short period.

Time and Frequency
If the reminder was not answered you will be a failure notification to your phone as a text message / mobile app notification.
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